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Here, we’ve compiled answers to the questions we get asked the most about our services and Timeless Technologies in general. Let’s help you find what you’re looking for.

We have been going for over 30 years, our dedication to customer service, and offering a total solution, has seen us remain strong day after day.

No, we don’t like to exclude anyone.

We work with many businesses, from small one person shows to large multi-nationals. This includes Local, State and Federal Australian Government entities and foreign governments through trade missions and embassies. Our knowledge and expertise has seen us work with a wide variety of organsiations who require a quality I.T. company with broad industry knowledge to help them.

For basic technical support on site, we travel from the Gold coast to the Sunshine Coast and out to Toowoomba all the time. Most of our customers are in Greater Brisbane but we’ll go wherever we are needed without hesitation.

For large jobs and projects we travel the country and overseas regularly, mostly in the Asia Pacific region. If the best way to achieve success is for us to travel to a location and do the job, we’ll do it, nothing is out of the question.

We haven’t lost a single customer because of poor service.

We have lost customers because they were convinced a competitor would do everything for them at a fraction of the price.

ALL of those customers ended up spending more money than they anticipated. The new suppliers left things out (by accident of course). Which results in hidden fees, unexpected payments, and higher costs compared to our services.

A lot of those customers we welcomed back once they saw the unspecified conditions of working with our competitors.

$160 ex GST per hour. 15 minute minimum and blocks for remote support. 1 hour minimum on site and 15 minute blocks thereafter. For pricing on individual services please contact us.

We pride ourselves on fast turn around time. In 99% of cases it is the same day, unless you call late in the business day in which case it will be the next business day. If it is a catastrophic emergency, we will go on site outside regular business hours.

In 30 years we have never been in a position where we couldn’t get to someone within 1 business day.

Yes, $20M public liability.

You have 2 options when needing to log a support call, you can call our office or email helpdesk@tt.au. When our office is closed or unattended or busy and you call, you’ll be asked to leave a voicemail which is emailed to a support team that will respond as quickly as possible.

Customers find the best way for them to interact with us in different circumstances and we let them do what is best for them.

The vast majority of things are handled by email and remote support once we have started looking after you and gotten support and services into a rhythm.

Yes, we deal with Australia’s largest I.T. distributors and we can source all your I.T. products at incredible prices.

Yes, it is in fact one of our areas of expertise, being partnered with a range of vendors in the management and monitoring sphere that depend on us to look after their products and customers in Australia. Please click here to read more about our remote management and monitoring.

Your business is OUR business, We care about you and look after everything you need us to, from simple PC repairs, to compete office relocations. Our efforts to help you make decisions for your environment are done by us first putting ourselves in your shoes and recommending what we would do if it was our own situation. We don’t SELL anything, we SOLVE everything.

We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of services, click to have a better look of what we do.

Yes, all our staff hold Degree level IT qualifications and a wide range of industry products and solutions.

Justin gave up 20 years ago putting certifications in his email signature because putting “Justin Cox DAS Comp. MCSE CNE CCNP NSE” and then more was ridiculous.

We run a few data centres and our own carrier services. We do public cloud, private cloud services and physical hosting in our own racks. We can deliver any service or mix of services to meet your needs. Click here to learn more about our cloud services

Call us on 1300 00 88 28 or +61 7 3007 8555 or email sales@tt.au or fill out our contact form.

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